all in Toronto unless otherwise indicated

July 27 La Rev 
Maximum Effort Ensemble plays In C by Terry Riley
(Jeff Burke. Josh Cole, Michael Davidson, Dean Drouillard, Alisdair Jones, Chris Gartner, Tania Gill, Thom Gill, Julia Hambleton, Owen Heathcoate-Fraser, Dafydd Hughes, Jeff LaRochelle, Kayla Milmine, Phil Melanson, Indira Nanavati, Diane Roblin, Nilan Perera, Luan Phung, Joe Strutt, Blake Howard, Mary-Margaret O'Hara, Heather Saumer, Doug Tielli, Patrick O'Reilly, Tom Walsh, Nick Zubeck, Arie Verheul-van de Ven)

July 20 La Rev
Kevin Turcotte, Justin Haynes & Andrew Downing 

July 13 La Rev
Justin Haynes Quintet w/Jeff LaRochelle, Harley Card, Rob Clutton, Phil Melanson

July 6 La Rev 
Justin Haynes/Kurt Silveira/Bob Brough/Mark Godfrey/Phil Melanson

June 29 Harbourfront Centre
w/Kim Beggs 

June 16 K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre, Wolfville NS
w/Kim Barlow 

June 15 1313 Hollis St. Halifax NS
w/Geordie Haley & Kim Barlow

May 27 Emmet Ray
Monk's Music w/Michael Davidson & Dan Fortin

May 13 Emmet Ray 
Monk's Music w/Karen Ng, Heraclitus Akimbo & Lowell Whittey

April 28 Pilot Tavern 
Kevin Turcotte Quartet w/Justin Haynes, Jim Vivian & Ted Warren 

March 29 GATE 403 
Justin Haynes Quintet w/Virginia Frigault-MacDonald, Ted Crosby, Josh Cole, Andrew Miller 

March 22 GATE 403 
Justin Haynes Quintet w/Alex Samaras, Jeff Larochelle, Ryan Driver, Andrew Miller

March 9 Stone Soup
w/Ryan Driver & Jeff La Rochelle 

March 8 GATE 403 
Justin Haynes Quartet w/Jeff la Rochelle, Ryan Driver, Phil Melanson

March 6 Belljar
w/Brian Ruryk 

Feb 18 The Rex 
Justin Haynes Quintet w/Ryan Driver, Mike Milligan, Jim Sexton, Jeff la Rochelle 

Feb 14 Emmet Ray
Monk's Music w/Jim Sexton 

Feb 12 KIAC Dawson City YK
Improvisation workshop 

Feb 10 KIAC Dawson City YK
Solo piano/vox

Feb 8 Hamilton & Son Whitehorse YK
Guitar & improvisation workshop

Feb 7 Available Light Festival Whitehorse YK
w/Kim Beggs

Feb 5 Emmet Ray
Best Man (Felicity Williams/Justin Haynes/Ryan Driver & John Oswald) 

Justin offers private lessons (guitar, piano, improvisation, composition, songwriting) in Toronto and online. Instruction is tailored to the specific needs, (dis)ability and interests of the student, with an emphasis on creativity and free play. Fees are set on a sliding scale according to means. He also conducts group workshops at schools, universities and artist centres across Canada.