photo by Indira Nanavati Cadena

A canny electro-technician who adds synth, prepared piano, cassette player, and tin cans into this delightfully weird modern mistura fina. Haynes' myriad electronic instruments and a lonely electric guitar which blends gleaming sonorities with soaring gestures and dramatically free and volatile improvisation.
-Raul da Gama, The WholeNote, 2017

Justin Haynes is a Toronto-based guitarist, pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher, home-recordist, occasional writer, bricoleur, artist, arts-administrator and activist. He is active as a performer playing improvised and experimental music, jazz, new-music, original and traditional british folk music, alt-pop, alt-country and post-punk. He has composed dozens of compositions for soloists and ensembles, songs, scores, soundtracks and installations; toured nationally and internationally; and contributed to dozens of recordings and performances with songwriters (Mary Margaret O'Hara, Lonnie Holley, Mia Sheard, Oh Susanna; improvisers (John Oswald, Jean Derome, Bernard Falaise, Christine Duncan, Ryan Driver); jazz musicians (Kirk MacDonald, Donny McCaslin, Kevin Turcotte, Remi Bolduc);composers (Anthony Braxton, Nicole Lizee, Malcolm Goldstein, Martin Arnold); video artist Renee Lear; painter Shannon Partridge; ceramic artist Janet Macpherson); filmmakers (Andrew Connors, Mitch Miyagawa, Saul Rubinek); interdisciplinary artists (Anne Troake, Lois Brown, Josh Thorpe and Eric Cazdyn)and producers (Jean Martin, David Travers-Smith, Malcolm Burn, Ross Murray). He is a member of Sorry About My Friend, The Misunderstandings, Mermaids, Submutations, Organballoon, Freedman, Glamour Nails, Nick Fraser & Justin Haynes are Faking it, John Southworth and the South Seas and Blah Blah 666. He has worked as a teacher and facilitator privately, and at university/highschool workshops as well as with artists diagnosed with developmental disabilities at Keys to the Studios; and those struggling with mental health issues and/or addiction at Workman Arts.